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HOOPHOLE is an innovative group of select individuals dedicating themselves to creating solutions and facilitating the kinds of positive, transformative social changes needed to wipe out the twin predators of abuse and violence.

Think of Hoophole as a first defense against domestic abuse and violence.

HOOPHOLE's programs, classes, workshops, and retreats provide practical tools and powerful interpersonal skill training that allow people to build stronger, more compassionate relationships ...  the kind that last because they are grounded in genuine dialogue, honor individual dignity and diversity, and rise above the prejudice of closed minds.

We teach tolerance and nonviolence.  That often means changing limiting beliefs. Tough work, changing an imprinted viewpoint. But the work must be done because, for a country that promotes religious values, human rights, and compassion, the statistics on abuse and violence in the United States are appalling. 
  • Every 15 seconds a woman is battered in her home. Every 15 seconds!
  • 2.8 million children are abused or neglected every year.
  • 683,000 women are forcibly raped annually; that's over one per minute.
  • According to the Silent Witness National Initiative, North Carolina ranks #7 out of all 50 states for having the highest number of domestic violence homicides per million population.  South Carolina ranks #2.
  • Over 550,000 people over age 60 endure some form of elder abuse or neglect, a 150% increase over the last 10 years.
That's just a sample of the reported incidents of abuse and violence.  It's not a pretty picture.  And it's not defined only by what happens behind the closed doors of our homes.  The 20th century was the bloodiest 100 years in human history.  In the first years of the 21st century, the violence continues with nearly one third of the world's nations engaged in some form of armed conflict.

As at home, so the world?

We have paid dearly for our assumptions that one human, by birth, race, gender, or creed, is more privileged than another and that all humans are superior to and independent of nature.

Human beings are part of a whole universe. 
Yet we consider ourselves separate from this whole.
This delusion creates a prison for us.
Our task is to free ourselves from this prison by widening
 our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures
and the whole of nature in its beauty. 

-- Albert Einstein

We can no longer remain passive to Earth's warnings that our social prerogatives are too often divisive, our economic decisions too myopic, and our political policies lacking in vision and courage.  We can no longer remain silent as the language of personal grievances blurs the distinction between vibrant diversity and celebrated victimhood. 

The tapestry of life on Earth is too fragile and interconnected to endure for long the twin ravages of indifference and prejudice.

Can we learn to shape our communities in stewardship to the Earth? 
Can we create programs that nurture our innate human possibilities?
 Can we plant seeds that will initiate positive social change? 

Can we eliminate the brutality of abuse and violence ?

HOOPHOLE is a beacon of hope in the face of such urgent and monumental challenges. Think of it as a survival school offering programs framed within a singular passion --- to rise above the prejudice of closed minds, examine imprinted beliefs and attitudes, and change any that prohibit respecting another person's dignity, integrity, and Self expression.

Change one mind and you change the world.

We believe the key to critical consciousness is being open to another person's point of view … learning how to communicate with others rather than at them … learning how to respond to the world, rather than just react.  We offer the tools and interpersonal skill training needed to build bridges across the divisions that separate one human from another.

This is not the kind of "school" you grew up with. This learning environment encourages curiosity and conversation, controversy and cooperation.  Above all, it makes learning fun, as it should be!

Addressing the challenges we face requires more than just physical or intellectual adaptations. Before we can address a new beginning in interpersonal human relationships, we must first repair the residual damage to our own spirits.  Only then can we achieve a true balance between our inner potential and how we serve the world with what we create out of that potential.

You cannot heal the world until you express your own truth.

HOOPHOLE's programs, classes, workshops, and retreats address three essential, interconnected life survival dynamics, each a critical building block for successfully establishing a new beginning in how we connect to, communicate with, and respect the dignity and diversity of every human being:

Dynamics of Self Expression  : :  to thine own Self be true
Dynamics of Social Interaction  : :  respect and honor diversity
Dynamics of Global Stewardship  : :  unity within the Circle of Life

Photo credit: Mark Csabai of Moketni


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