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Circle of Stones

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The Ancient Feminine
Inspired by Patricia Lynn Reilly's
poem Imagine a Woman.
To view the original poem click here.

She is there ... inside you ... the woman who knows how to be wild, free, intuitive, powerful, and compassionate.  She's living somewhere beneath the chaos in your life and the dust on your heart.

It's time to find her again.

Circle of Stones won't give you quick step solutions on how to be smarter, happier, or more attractive. Such messages ultimately fail because they ignore the most important thing a woman really wants --- permission to be what she was created to be --- permission to live from the heart and not from a list of "shoulds" and "oughts" that has left so many of us tired and bored. 

Churches expect us to be moral. 
Schools expect us to be disciplined.
Friends expect us to be loyal. 
Parents expect us to be obedient. 
Husbands expect us to be faithful. 
Children expect us to be constant.

All good qualities to be sure, but they are not enough.  Women need something else -- a deeper understanding and connection to the things that stir their hearts, things that make them come alive -- things like passion, adventure, fierceness and freedom.

These are the things of the heart you will find at the Circle of Stones.

For four unforgettable days, you will leave behind the expectations imprinted upon you by others and give yourself permission to release the woman who slumbers somewhere beneath the obligations in your life and your once vibrant inner vision.

Within the embrace of the Circle of Stones gathering, you will follow a time-honored path of transition into a full awareness of what makes you come alive, what stirs your heart.

You will know how to create a balance between your highest creative aspirations and a daily reality that might include a bruised heart, a boring job and burned toast relationships.

You will know how to live in a world of divine dichotomies --

  • when to be silent and when to speak out
  • when to hang on and when to let go
  • when to give and when to preserve time for yourself
  • when to surrender and when to take full command
  • You will walk across the ancient feminine ground of Stone Woman. You will meet your own La Que Sabe ... the One Who Knows.
    There are nine challenges along the Stone Woman path — nine adventures to be lived — before a woman can fully connect with her deepest feminine soul.  Few women have ever ventured beyond the first two steps.  But in the Circle of Stones, you will experience all nine steps of the archetypal transformation that celebrates the true mystery and magnificence of Woman — not the woman of pop culture or contemporary society, but the woman defined and illuminated by the wisdom that already resides deep within her bones.
    You will express your own Canta de la Loba... song of the she wolf ... that moment when you speak your own truth from the depth of your own feelings.
    You will re-member, rediscover, and reclaim the woman you have forgotten to be.

    You will become the keeper of your own creative fire .... the initiated woman ... the Stone Woman who carries an intimate knowing of her own infinite capacity to be both compassionate and powerful.

    You will know how to use your innate passion and power to enrich your life and the lives of everyone you love.

    These are the challenges you will experience at a Circle of Stones gathering:

    Nine Steps of the Wild Woman Path

    There is no challenge greater than re-membering
    the woman you have forgotten to be.

    Climb a mountain.  Crack the glass ceiling.  Raise a child.  Each is its own courageous act.  Yet there is no greater act of courage than to give yourself permission to find an inner strength for yourself that can never again be silenced or denied.  Each woman who walks the Stone Woman path does so surrounded by the support and encouragement of those women who share her Circle.

    It's only appropriate that Circle of Stones begins and ends within a stone circle ceremony rich in Native American tradition.  Also, many of the gathering’s activity-oriented events occur within another important circle — the Medicine Wheel, the ancient Circle of Life.  You will walk the Wheel, find sanctuary within its embrace, and be connected to Mother Earth as you have never been before.

    Join the Circle of Stones and celebrate the magic, mystery, and magnificence that is Woman.

    Give yourself these four days.  They will help you get your heart back.

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