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Come, discover what fun learning can be when it's taken out of the traditional classroom and placed in the warmth and informality of a living room atmosphere!  You'll find a whole new meaning to the words "learning" and "school."  Enjoy refreshments while you participate in all kinds of hands-on activities specific to the topic you have chosen.

We continually add new programs to our curriculum. If there is a class you want to attend but the dates or times don't work with your schedule, let us know and we will make every effort to accommodate you by repeating the class at another time.

Not all classes are scheduled each semester, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back often to review our schedule and see what new learning adventures we are offering. 

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Courses, classes, workshops, and retreats are listed under one of Hoophole's three main divisions of learning:

   Dynamics of Self Expression  ~  Dynamics of Social Interaction  ~  Dynamics of Global Stewardship

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Dynamics of Self Expression    DYNAMICS OF SELF EXPRESSION

Creativity: Your Deep River Within 
Creativity is not the exclusive property of only artists, musicians, and writers.  We all have a creative soul.  We just have to learn how to rediscover and reclaim it. This class exposes the myths and unlocks the mental blocks that prevent us from tapping into the source of our individual creativity, the deep river within. Offering lots of hands-on exercises and group activities, this course lets you experience the fun of discovering how to access and use the creativity you already possess to enrich every aspect of your daily life, from problem solving to personal relationships. 

Thursday, February 15
Thursday, March 22
Thursday, April 19
6:00 - 9:00 PM

Within the emotional fabric of your life is a pattern as unique as your fingerprint. Only you can unravel your pattern's meaning. Only you can write the words and images that speak of your personal heritage and humanity. HeartSpeak guides you toward rediscovering and reclaiming the power of your silenced voice of authentic Self expression.  It is your true voice, the one that will never deceive you because it has never learned to lie.

The spontaneous writing HeartSpeak encourages will connect your inner and outer worlds and integrates the paths of action and reflection.  This isn't the kind of writing you were expected to do in English class. This natural writing expresses your own feelings with strength and simplicity -- without judgment or criticism.  It combines journal writing, guided meditation techniques, and hands-on experiential activities into a dynamic 5-step process: Awareness, Acceptance, Action, Alteration, and Assimilation.

This workshop is designed to be a private interlude -- a time to remember, reconnect, discover, and break through. Capturing your own voice on paper allows you to harness the power of your inner thoughts and feelings, then use your expanded awareness to enhance your life.

Saturday February 17, 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Saturday, March 17, 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Circle of Stones: A Gathering of Women
Dates to be Announced
There is no challenge greater than re-membering the woman you have forgotten to be, the woman who has been lost beneath the dust on your heart.

Within the unforgettable embrace of the Circle of Stones gathering, you will find that woman as you follow a time-honored path of transition into a full awareness of how to joyously live in a perfect balance between your intuitive capacity for compassion and creative power. 

You will walk the ancient feminine ground of your Stone Woman. 
You will meet your La Que Sabe ... the One Who Knows. 

There are nine steps on this path — nine challenges to be met —  before a woman can be fully in touch with her true feminine soul.  Few women have ever ventured beyond the first two steps.  But in the Circle of Stones, you will experience all nine steps of the archetypal transformation that celebrates the mystery and magnificence that is Woman — not the woman of pop culture or social expectations, but the woman illuminated by the wisdom that resides deep within her bones. 

Climb a mountain.  Crack the glass ceiling.  Raise a child.  Each is its own courageous act.  Yet there is no greater act of courage than to rise above closed minds in search of an inner strength for yourself that can never again be silenced or denied.  Circle of Stones is all about reclaiming the intuitive voice and strength that have always been within you since you were born.  Each woman who walks the Stone Woman path does so embraced by the love, support, and encouragement of those women who share her Circle.

For more on the Circle of Stones, visit: Be sure to click on the site's The Search of Stone Woman link to view this powerful, inspiring slide show.


The Beast in the Closet :: Emotional Abuse
For a country that promotes compassion, human rights and Christian values, the statistics on domestic violence in the United States are appalling.

  • Every 15 seconds a woman is physically beaten in her home.  Every 15 seconds!
  • Over 683,000 women are forcibly raped every year; that's 1,871 a day ... 78 each hour ... over 1 per minute.
  • According to the Silent Witness National Initiative, North Carolina ranks #7 among all 50 states for having the highest number of domestic violence homicides per million population.  South Carolina ranks #2. Every number that becomes an abuse and violence statistic represents one woman's life at risk.
If physical abuse is America’s belly of the beast, then its shadow twin, emotional abuse, is the beast in the closet. And no matter what your family dynamic is, abuse of any kind should be everyone's concern.

Be prepared
for an unforgettable inside look at what distinguishes emotional abuse, how it is often misdiagnosed, and how to identify the three types of emotional abuse – psychological, financial and spiritual.  You will learn the characteristics that identify both the victim and perpetrator of physical and emotional abuse while exposing the myths clouding our understanding of this silent predator.  If you currently are enduring some form of abuse or violence, or know someone who is, this presentation delivers life-affirming information about what you can do to protect yourself and get out of harm’s way.

Thursday, February 22
Wednesday, March 15
Friday, April 4
6:00 - 9:00 PM

Stop the Sabotage!

We want to feel loved, connected, and respected by those who matter most in our lives. Yet many of us unknowingly undermine the very closeness we desire in our relationships when we use even one of 20 destructive forms of interpersonal sabotage. Some of these techniques block intimacy. Others transfer blame. All initiate conflict and confusion. Discover how to identify these hidden mine fields so you can stop the sabotage and build more dynamic, compassionate relationships with those you love. This presentation includes an unforgettable demonstration of the techniques discussed.

Tuesday, February 20
Wednesday, March 7
Wednesday, April 11
6:00 - 9:00 PM

Loves Me,  Loves Me Not :: Secrets to Dynamic Relationships
Knowing you are loved and can love in return involves more than plucking petals off a daisy. Dynamic, flexible relationships aren’t built on guesswork or favorable odds. Great partnerships evolve when two people learn how to reduce the tension between themselves and avoid those mistakes that kill intimacy, honest communication, and trust.

Join this life-altering and fun-filled one night a week, six-week course and discover dozens of secrets that will help you revive, reinvent, or repair any relationship that matters to you. You will learn ....

  •     Six radical rules that shatter conventional partnering wisdom
  •     How to identify power plays and avoid getting hooked
  •     How to create genuine dialogue grounded in focused attention
  •     Four major popular assumptions that will destroy any relationship
  •     How to stop the Dirty Dozen that turn disagreements into combative gridlock.

And that’s just a taste of what you will experience. In every session expect to receive eye-popping bits of wisdom that come from the world of  real relationships, not abstract concepts or textbook theories. Be prepared for a penetrating look behind existing social rules, myths, and taboos that make unconditional loving nearly impossible to achieve. You'll never look at your friendships, marriage or partnerships  the same way again.

Six weeks -- Monday evenings
April 9 - May 14
6:00 - 8:00 PM
$75/person for full six-week course: full payment required upon registering

Hear Ye, Hear Me

We all hear. Hearing is one of our five senses.  But listening is an active, learned skill, one we too often take for granted. Yet no attribute is more critical in communicating with others than the ability to genuinely listen. In a world dominated by cell phones, tweets and twitters, we are rapidly losing the most critical social skill: giving another person your full attention with eye-to-eye contact. Which means not talking. Which means shutting down the noise in your head. Learning how to both is to master the art of mindfulness in all your relationships.

Through constructive (and often hilarious) demonstrations of real communication breakdowns, you will discover new techniques and skills to improve your ability to actively listen -- how to be sure that you understand precisely what the person you're listening to actually said.  And you'll receive a richer understanding of what it means to engage in genuine dialogue with another human being.

There will be time to practice the effective listening techniques covered including how to use the talking stick, a centuries old approach to effective listening that establishes the best possible environment for successful dialoguing between two people. All the listening skills you will be learning are applicable to almost any situation where you want or need to exchange your ideas, thoughts, or feelings with another person.

Thursday, March 29
Wednesday, April 25
Thursday, May 10
6:00 - 9:00 PM



Native American Medicine Wheel :: The Circle of Life
The Medicine Wheel is an ancient symbol of the Circle of Life, one of the most profound similarities evident among the world's diverse cultures and belief systems. In existence for thousands of years, the Wheel has been teaching humans what  we only now recognize as a global imperative:

Survival on this planet depends on rediscovering and acknowledging 
the interconnection of all things in the Universe.

Each direction of the Wheel represents certain qualities needed to help you with your life journey. Using the Wheel as a symbolic mirror, you gain a vision of what you can become if you choose to follow the Wheel's path toward unity, harmony, and balance among all its positions. You will make your own prayer bundles as part of this uplifting celebration of Life.

Your time within the Medicine Wheel will teach you how unity is achieved by understanding and balancing the life events you experience every day. No matter what you have endured in your life, healing and wholeness can be restored with the Wheel's teachings of love, compassion, patience, justice, beauty and wisdom.

This introduction to the Medicine Wheel gives you time for private reflection and celebration as you find your unique place within the Wheel and discover the lessons you have chosen on your life path.


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