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Circle of Stones guide
photo courtesy of Tonya Kruger
Author.  Teacher.  Visionary.  Imagineer.  Poet. 

Conventional measurements of success fall short when defining Prudence Kohl's qualifications as your "Circle of Stones" guide. No award, degree, or title could ever adequately plumb the depth of this woman's compassion and wisdom. In fact, there is nothing conventional about Prudence at all. 

To be sure, she has accumulated an enviable number of qualifications and accomplishments ....
.... masters degree in interpersonal communication
.... president of KohlQuest and principal of Hoophole Life Survival Center
.... former professor of communication
...  award-winning published author **
...  renowned photographer 
...  more than 35 national and international awards in education, journalism, art, and business

But what makes Prudence Kohl unique is her awesome ability to touch others with her feelings, to share what she and others have endured, lived, and experienced in a way so intimate and powerful, you will never be quite the same again. Her expressive gifts are made all the more remarkable by her knowledge of the ancient wisdom not found in any textbook.
Because she shuns the kinds of celebrity and hype that are hallmarks of today's popular culture, many women consider Prudence their best kept secret.

This is how one woman described her experience with Prudence Kohl.

in the winter of my Soul
the Crone came to me
only to plant a seed
and She left

I wandered ...
I played ...
I ran ...
I laughed ...
I fluttered my wings

never knowing these were life-giving acts 
for my little seed

the wind blew and howled
it tickled my heart and called to my Butterfly
how could I have not recognized
the flight of the Crone?
this was no wind, but the stirring of Her motion

fluid and strong
calling to me
reminding me to tend my garden

I went in search of the little seed and found
a small green stem
with three leaves

the Crone, She laughed ... a whispered laugh
Her eyes, they went without laughter

another reminder of the journey

now, when I think there is nothing left to sustain 
my garden
She once again reminds me
She sees Me
never pushing or pulling
somehow by seeing Me
She allows me to Know my Self
visit my Self
love my Self

the wind begins to blow ...

this unfamiliar breeze is not the motion of the Crone,
but the laughter in Her eyes as She feels
the beginnings of my Flight. 
                                                         --- Melissa Lopez

What Prudence has to share reaches beyond a lecture or textbook.  It comes from the real struggles, life lessons, revelations, and victories of thousands of women, each forging her own path to the life she was born to live, not the one shaped by others' expectations.

And it comes from the wisdom Prudence received from walking the Native American path.  Two extraordinary understandings --- the Medicine Wheel's demonstration of universal oneness and the Tree of Life's balancing of universal duality --- contribute a unique foundation for this gathering of women called the "Circle of Stones."

Prudence Kohl has been guiding women toward their fullest creative self-expression for 40 years.  Her journey has been as inspiring as her passion.  Which explains why the "Circle of Stones" gathering is unlike any seminar, workshop, or retreat you've probably ever experienced.

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