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KohlQuest is a Rutherfordton company dedicating its multifaceted talents to building bridges across the limiting beliefs that now separate and isolate the way we relate one to another.  KohlQuest has received dozens of prestigious regional and national awards for its innovations in the fields of corporate and interpersonal communication, advertising and marketing, journalism and publishing, and education.

All of us at KohlQuest care about our community and are aware of the important contributions organizations such as yours make to improving the quality of life in our community. We are excited to be able to fulfill an important civic responsibility by offering your members educational, thought-provoking and entertaining programs presented by exceptionally qualified speakers who have earned national acclaim in their respective fields.

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The Beast in Our Closet

When Dorothy arrived at the Emerald City, she soon discovered the Wizard of Oz wore two faces.  One face was a great and terrible Wizard; the other was a little man behind a curtain mechanically creating the public image.  So it is with the United States.  While we are a nation of caring, benevolent people, we are also a nation with statistical records on abuse and violence that are nothing short of horrific.

While incidents of physical abuse and violence seem to capture the most headlines in our news media, there is another more subtle, but equally destructive dimension, to our abuse and violence problems of which few people are aware.  This presentation addresses the beast in our closet -- emotional abuse.  This is the kind of abuse you don't see, it leaves no visible marks, but its wounds are deep and even more painful and violent than a broken bone or black eye.  Emotional abuse is corrosive.  It shatters a person's soul, a little at a time.

The speaker presents an overview of emotional abuse -- what it is, where it occurs, how to identify it, and how to avoid becoming its victim. You will have a new perspective on this kind of behavior clearly defined as emotional abuse. And you will be surprised to learn what kinds of verbal and nonverbal behavior are part of the beast in our closet.

The Eight Irresistible Principles of Fun

Are you having fun yet?  Not enough fun in your life?  Fun is the salt that brings out the flavor.  Fun is what turns the ordinary into the extraordinary.  It may not be as essential as food and water, but without fun, life can seem pretty bland and boring.  Discover eight simple but absolutely irresistible principles that will bring fun back into your daily life.  Created by international best-selling author and British wit Michael Bungay Stanier, this fool-proof self-coaching tool that can help you get unstuck and get going with the personal or professional breakthroughs you've always wanted to achieve. You'll not only feel better and start doing the things that really matter to you, you'll have lots of fun along the way.

Do You Hear What I Hear?

We all hear. Hearing is one of our five senses.  But listening is an active, learned skill that few people have ever mastered.  Yet no attribute is more critical in building dynamic, compassionate relationships than the ability to genuinely listen. This presentation offers practical approaches to help you identify and avoid the obstacles to effective listening.

Using constructive yet humorous demonstrations of real interpersonal communication breakdowns, you will discover three techniques that can improve your ability to better understand how to engage in a genuine dialogue with another -- how to be certain you understand precisely what a speaker actually said, even when the speaker doesn't realize that what he or she said is not what he or she really meant!

You will discover the talking stick, a centuries-old approach to effective listening that establishes the best possible environment for engaging in genuine dialogue with another person. All the listening skills presented are applicable to almost any situation where you want or need to exchange your ideas, thoughts, or feelings with another. 

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The Native American Medicine Wheel

The Great Wheel.  The Circle of Life. It is one of the most profound symbols in all of the world's religions, belief systems, and mythologies . And nowhere is it more profound in expressing the universal oneness of all living things on Earth than in the Native American Medicine Wheel.  Existing for thousands of years, the Wheel has been teaching humans what we only now are beginning to recognize as a global imperative:

Survival on this planet depends on rediscovering and acknowledging 
the interconnection of all things in the Universe so we can begin creating 
a more compassionate coexistence with the Earth.

This speaker reveals two dramatically different attitudes that have shaped the way Native Americans and European cultures view their place in the natural world. To the Native Americans, life is a circular process. Everything within the Circle of Life has spirit and life including rocks, rivers, plants and animals.  With the exception of humans, every entity knows of its harmony with and dependence upon every other living thing. The Wheel reveals the relationship and integration of all things created.

This presentation explains how each direction of the Wheel represents certain qualities needed to help humans with their life journeys. Using the Wheel as a symbolic mirror, it helps us gain a vision of what we can become if you choose to follow the Wheel's path toward unity, harmony, and balance among all its positions.

Learn how the Medicine Wheel helps us rediscover our own personal contribution and connection to the world and what lessons we are learning along our life path.  All life lessons are equal, as are all talents and abilities. The eight cardinal points represent lessons in dichotomy, yet are perfectly balanced, indicating the great harmony that exists within the universe.

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Stop the Sabotage!

Most of us want to feel appreciated, connected and respected by those who matter most in our lives. Yet many of us unknowingly undermine the very closeness we desire in our relationships when we use even one of 10 destructive forms of interpersonal sabotage. 

This presentation identifies ten "dirty fighting strategies" that can appear in nearly all situations where humans find themselves attempting to get their viewpoints across to others. Some of these strategies block intimacy. Others transfer blame. All initiate conflict and confusion. 

Discover how to identify these hidden mine fields so you can stop the sabotage and start building more dynamic, compassionate relationships with those people you want or need to successfully interface with in both your public and personal lives. That includes parents to children, employers to employees, husbands to wives, friends to friends, and neighbors to neighbors. Learn how you need never again be caught unaware of another person's destructive verbal sabotage.

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Different Strokes for Different Folks

When you need something a bit longer and more interactive than the usual after meal speech, this presentation is sure to please your membership.

We’re not all standing on the same rock, looking at the world from the same vantage point. The success you have getting your opinions or points of view across to others depends on knowing the individual values that motivate those you are trying to persuade, and how their values conflict or compliment your points of view.

Based on more than 25 years of research in human behavior conducted by Dr. Clare Graves, this presentation takes an in-depth look at six predominant values present in all human activities -- from corporations and churches to social clubs and families. You will discover why "seeing the world as you see yourself" is one of the greatest obstacles to effective human interaction. 

You will identify your own predominant value system by completing a private self-test questionnaire, then discover how to use different strokes with different folks to gain support for your ideas, improve productivity, change resistance to cooperation, and reduce the friction and frustration from encounters with "difficult" people.

What's more, your organization will have a valid cross-section of the prevailing values represented by its members, critical information that can improve its efforts to initiate new directions, organize for greater involvement and participation, and achieve better results from its activities.

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