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Medicine Wheel Introduction

The Medicine Wheel is an ancient symbol of the Circle of Life, one of the most profound similarities evident among the world's diverse cultures and belief systems. In existence for thousands of years, the Wheel has been teaching humans what we only now are beginning to recognize as a global imperative:
Survival on this planet depends on rediscovering and acknowledging the interconnection of all things in the Universe so we can begin creating a more compassionate coexistence with the Earth.
Medicine Wheel Circle of Life
The Medicine Wheel teaches that everything within the Circle of Life has spirit and life including rocks, rivers, plants and animals.  Every entity knows of its harmony with and dependence upon every other living thing.  The Wheel reveals the relationship and integration of all things created.

Each direction of the Wheel represents certain qualities needed to help you with your life journey.
Using the Wheel as a symbolic mirror, you can see within yourself, reflect on your strengths and weaknesses, and gain a vision of what you will become if you choose to follow the Wheel's path toward unity, harmony, and balance among all its positions.

These are the Gifts of Power for each of the eight cardinal points around the Medicine Wheel:

Enlightenment and Illumination
Self-Concepts and Esteem
Trust and Innocence
Symbols of the Dream
Introspection and Intuition
Laws and Regulations
Wisdom and Logic
Movement of Energy
Time spent within the Medicine Wheel helps us rediscover our own personal contribution and connection to the world and what lessons we are learning along our life path.  All life lessons are equal, as are all talents and abilities. The eight cardinal points represent lessons in dichotomy, yet are perfectly balanced, indicating the great harmony that exists within the universe.

The Medicine Wheel teaches us that unity within is achieved by understanding and balancing the opposite yet related qualities of life we experience every day as humans. No matter what you have endured in your life, healing and wholeness can be restored with the Medicine Wheel's teachings of love, compassion, patience, justice, beauty, and wisdom.

Time within the Wheel is a time for reflection, meditation, and joyous celebration.  At the Circle of Stones gathering, each woman will find her unique place within the Wheel and discover the lessons she has chosen on her life path.

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