Classes & Courses

We invite you to discover what fun learning can be when it's taken out of the traditional classroom and placed in the warmth and informality of a living room atmosphere. It changes the whole experience because atmosphere is everything when it comes to learning new things.

And learning new ways to look at things is whatKohlQuest  is all about.

           Changing Habits.

           Changing Perceptions.

           Changing the way we communicate with each other.

It all leads to new beginnings in the way we think about ourselves and how we interact with others.

You will find a whole new meaning to the words "learning" and "class." You

will enjoy refreshments while you participate in fun, thought-provoking, and challenging hands-on activities selected specifically for the class you have chosen. 

So come along and pick a subject from our stimulating course and class offerings. Join us for a new understanding of creativity, or the secrets to building relationships that last, or study the silent murderer within domestic violence, or maybe just learn a few tricks that will make you a super listener and a more attentive partner. 

The images below provide a hint to these exciting subjects.

We continually add new programs to our curriculum. If there is a class you want to attend but the dates or times don't work with your schedule, let us know and we'll make every effort to accommodate you by repeating the class at another time. 

KohlQuest also offers its courses, classes, and workshops privately, by special request, to individuals or groups.  For more information, contact us by email or call 828 288 0730.

Click on any image below to discover what adventures are waiting for you when you  join a Hoophole class or course. (Be patient ... it may take a few seconds to load!)


 We place our students and clients first and foremost in all we do.

We never will put anyone in harm's way regarding exposure to the Covid-19 virus or any of its deadlier variants. Our classes and workshops are highly interactive which means lots of contact and touch. Therefore, we have wisely chosen to suspend in-person classes for now as there is no certainty when this global

pandemic will cease being dangerous. 

While in-person classes temporarily are no longer offered, 

we are reformatting our class offerings into online

 learning sessions. Making this kind of transformation

will allow us to share all we have to share with a much

wider audience. Stand by as we make this transition

in the weeks ahead.


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Circle of Stones
Hear Ye, Hear Me
Creativity: Your Deep River Inside
Medicine Wheel Universality
The Beast in the Closet