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Hole in the Garden Wall

This award-winning visual diary of original verses married to 60 color and black and white fine art photographs points the way to a higher level of human dignity and potential, challenging us to rethink all cherished beliefs that separate the head from the heart and isolate us from the world beyond our garden walls.


Hole in the Garden Wall's all-embracing message, powerful visual metaphors, and penetrating wit and wisdom have never been more needed than right now.

Hole in the Garden Wall

  • Hole in the Garden Wall is the author's personal tribute to all people who have struggled to express their unique individuality beyond the rules, roles, expectations, and beliefs imposed upon them by others. It was written to inspire all who seek to remove dust from their hearts so they might begin to live every day with greater authenticity, love, passion, and purpose.


    Hole in the Garden Wall is a visual diary recording Kohl’s journey to find and express her own authentic voice. It’s about living life beyond our comfort zones. It’s about deep feelings, human frailties, bold mistakes, and exhilarating triumphs—all eloquently expressed in image and verse.


    Kohl’s original poetic verses and fine art photographs are exquisitely matched to tell a story of the risks taken and lessons learned while searching for the life she was born to live. Hole in the Garden Wall is her tribute to all who choose to become more than mere spectators in the drama of their own lives. It challenges you to change your viewing points, to rethink those cherished beliefs that separate what your head tells you to do from what your heart inspires you to be. It will touch you with the raw power of human feelings—the kind of power that invites change and initiates healing.  And it does all this with exquisite subtlety. 


    Hole in the Garden Wall has inspired thousands to see beyond their garden walls—beyond the limitations imposed by prejudice, ignorance, intolerance, fear, and indifference. It offers a counterpoint for every bias that diminishes human dignity, the birthright of every individual on Earth.


    Hole in the Garden Wall is a visual, poetic message for those courageous seekers who dare rise above the prejudice of closed minds in search of an inner strength for themselves that cannot be fatally insulted nor ever again denied and silenced.  


    Take a peek at a sample of the book's photos and verses by clicking HERE.


    Book Details

    • Quality leather-bound hardcover fine arts book
    • 156 pages
    • 60 color/black & white photographs
    • 9 x 11 finished size
    • ISBN 0-945299-00-1
    • Library of Congress No. 87-73562
    • $19.00 + $3.99 shipping/handling


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