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Hall of Heroes

Every name below is a hero, a person or organization who has dedicated their time, talent, or attention, in big and small ways, to create a more compassionate coexistence among us all, one that will reduce the causes that can lead to verbal and physical abuse in our neighborhoods and communities. 


In purchasing the New Beginning Poster, they have accepted the challenge to become the "I" in the poster's "I dedicate my life to those too gentle to live among wolves" verse. KohlQuest honors and thanks all of them for their dedication, courage, and perseverance in facing down the two-headed dragon of domestic violence.

Marylynne Whittaker
Alice Walters
Paige Genova
Jean Bestter
Daryl Bennington
Amelia Newton
Ann Burnick
Richard Bonita
Janette Nichols
Gloria Addisson
Karen Lauvelier
Bridgette Bradley
John Courteir
Jennifer Haas
Stacey Hayman
Shannon Johnston
Beth Largent
Chris Laughlon
Margaret Moore
Anita Santas
Eric Brothers
Lisa Solamics
Julie Stein
Keith Robertson
Christi Benson
Kristin Anthony
Johleen Avery
Tami Burkhart
Mark Meyers
Charity Zolter
Kim Wagner
Judith Krietzman
Linda Croce
David Friedman
Kelly Richardson
Amy Bley
Jessica Wyman
Kelly Harrison
Mike Parker
Carla Maston
Pat Prichardson
Kaura Shawn
Heidi Marsteller
Emily Witherspoon
Lisa Franklin
Lori Fitzgerald
Damien Parsons
Lisa Volan
Jason White
Parker Reasoner
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