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   The Dragon and the Lamb


Two iconic images identify the soul and fighting spirit of KohlQuest. The twin-headed dragon represents the dual ravages of verbal and physical abuse and KohlQuest's warriorship in fighting to reduce incidents of such abuse. The mother ewe and her newborn lamb represent KohlQuest's fierce advocacy for those whose lives have been damaged by abuse and its dedication to making people aware of how to stop abuse before it happens.


KohlQuest is dedicated to facilitating the kinds of positive, transformative social changes needed to wipe out the twin predators of verbal and physical abuse in our communities.

Think of KohlQuest as the first line of defense against domestic violence with its razor-sharp focus on verbal abuse, the poisonous seed buried deep within the roots of domestic violence. Before the broken bones. Before the black eyes. Before the bruising and beatings, there is verbal abuse, the slow, corrosive, dehumanizing verbal pinging that ultimately shatters one's dignity, self-worth, and sanity.

Verbal abuse is domestic violence.


But it is the part of domestic violence rarely discussed, rarely covered by the media, rarely understood, and frighteningly evident in nearly all relationships to some degree. 

Verbal abuse is the silent killer. 

Through its programs, classes, and workshops, KohlQuest has provided practical tools and powerful interpersonal skill training that allow people to build stronger, more resilient relationships that last because they are grounded in genuine dialogue, honor individual dignity and diversity, and rise beyond the prejudice of closed minds.

KohlQuest teaches tolerance, patience, and open expression. To do this often means changing limiting beliefs. It's tough work, changing imprinted viewpoints. But the work must be done because, for a country that supposedly champions human rights and compassion for others, USA statistics on domestic violence  are appalling.

​Can we learn how to build stronger, more dynamic relationships?

Can we learn to communicate with others rather than at them?

Can we eliminate the brutality of verbal abuse?

KohlQuest is a beacon of hope in the face of such urgent challenges. Think of it as a survival school defined by one all-powerful mission: creating a space where we can learn to rise above the prejudice of closed minds, examine imprinted beliefs and attitudes, and change any that prohibit respect for another person's dignity, integrity, and authentic self-expression.

We believe if you can change one mind,

you can change the world.

To be sure, you can save lives.


Discover the award-winning collection of KohlQuest's publications and cards 

including the powerful Dragonslayers Handbook, the breathtaking Hole in the Garden Wall visual diary, the unforgettable "Think Bravely, Feel Deeply" greeting card collection, and the beloved "New Beginning" poster.

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