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"I dedicate my life to those too gentle to live among wolves."

"I Dedicate My Live to Those Too Gentle to Live Among Wolves" is the battle cry that unites thousands of people, perhaps just like you, who want to stop domestic violence, the two-headed dragon of verbal and physical abuse that has shattered the lives of millions of innocent victims. The New Beginning poster celebrates these heroes who conscientiously are changing their lives, in big and small ways, in order to create a more compassionate coexistence among all living beings and reduce the number of abuse and violence victims.


The statistics on incidents of domestic violence in whatever form ... verbal, physical, financial, sexual ... are both chilling and embarrassing. When the  mission is to eliminate these statistics, two kinds of heroes come to mind.

  • o    One is dedicated to lifting our broken spirits.

  • o    The other, to opening the dungeons of our minds.

One hero is working with the innocent victims of humankind’s savage indifference ... the abused child … battered spouse ... forgotten elder … homeless man … starving refugee ... troubled teen … recovering addict ... dying AIDS patient … abandoned animal.


The other hero is opening our hearts and minds ... engaging us in genuine dialogues ... raising the level of human relations to a higher focus ... building a vision of humankind beyond labels and stereotypes ... showing us how to walk this earth in wisdom ... and teaching us how to rise above the prejudice of closed minds.


Both heroes heal the earth by breaking down walls of ignorance and building bridges across the hatreds that now divide and isolate human beings.  


Both have a profound faith in the better angels of our nature, in spite of what they hear on the nightly news.


Both know we must learn how to base global human interaction on renewal and respect, not violence and neglect.


If you feel mad as hell about any form of domestic violence, be the "I "in "I dedicate myself to those too gentle to live among wolves." Join thousands of people whose focus, awarness, and dedication represent the real power and promise of a new beginning for us all … the only kind of power and promise that will ever truly change our world.


Own the one poster that expresses your singular intent and counts you among those who firmly believe we can initiate a NEW BEGINNING that will heal the earth, build a more compassionate coexistence among all living beings, and eradicate those chilling statistics on abuse and violence.



Every person who purchases a New Beginning poster will have their name added to the Dragonslayer Hall of Heroes as our tribute to your dedicated efforts to address the two-headed predator ravaging our communities. Click on the Dragonslayer tab at the top of the KohlQuest home page to see those heroes' names ... and hopefully we can add yours.




$14,95 is a small price for such a mighty battle cry.

This has been Kohlquest's battle cry for decades as it has been quietly helping individuals identify and change habits, attitudes, and perceptions that can foster verbal and physical abuse. 


We've touched a lot of people in all those years.


We need to touch a lot more. Here's why.


Domestic violence is not one couple's problem or one family's heartache. It's a community problem and a national disgrace. Home is now the most dangerous place for women, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. The FBI reported 20 people in the United States were assaulted every minute by their partners. 20 people every minute!

The financial burdens to victims, taxpayers, and the criminal justice system are astronomical. Domestic violence  causes victims to lose more than eight million work days every year. The American Journal of Preventive Medicine puts the cost of intimate partner violence at nearly $3.6 trillion.  $3.6 trillion! 

And these figures are just for starters.

That's why KohlQuest is asking your organization to help us extend our efforts to slay the deadly domestic violence dragon victimizing our neighborhoods by collaborating with us on a New Beginning Poster fundraiser aimed at creating a deeper public awareness of how verbal and physical abuse affects every one of us.

The New Beginning Poster is not just another poster.

The beloved award-winning photographic image of a ewe and her newborn lamb, from author Prudence Kohl's classic book, Hole in the Garden Wall, now has an important job to do and your help is vital to its success. We want everyone who sees this poster to know it belongs to a Dragonslayer, a person who conscientiously is changing his or her life, in big or small ways, to build a more compassionate coexistence among human beings so as to reduce the number of domestic violence incidents.

We hope everyone in your organization will want to be a dragonslayer, too. Here's how that can happen.


Purchase posters at a per poster cost of $6.95 in quantities of 100 or more and earn a whopping $8.00 return on every poster you sell. You do your own order fulfillment and distribution to your members, or generate funds by selling poster directly to the public at special events.

At $6.95 /poster, that's 55% off our retail price of $14.95. But you can set your poster sale price anywhere you please if you want to receive an even larger return on each sale.


Contact KohlQuest directly for more details: 828 288 0730

or go to our Contact page and send us your message.


We urge you to become the "I" in our battle cry and join other Dragonslayers who are using their talents and time to address the blight of verbal and physical abuse wherever it is found.



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