Hole in the Garden Wall

To touch another person with your  heart and mind,

to teach that person how to fly,

is the most difficult thing you will ever do.

But everyone has a butterfly deep inside

waiting to be free.

Note from the author, Prudence Kohl.


The photographs and original verses are more than they appear to be.  These images and words challenge us to rethink any beliefs, attitudes, and perceptions that separate the head from the heart and isolate us from the world beyond our garden walls.

Hole in the Garden Wall challenges you to change your viewing points, to find the strength to bridge the gap between what your head tells you to do and what your heart inspires you to be.

It will touch you with the kind of power that invites change and initiates healing. It leaves a visual and poetic footprint to follow for those courageous seekers who dare rise above the prejudice of closed minds in search of an inner strength for themselves that can never again be fatally insulted, silenced, or denied.

I use words and images for reasons beyond technique. The printed word invites attention to language. It is the most effective medium for communicating ideas … and ideas are what move society. Photography invites attention to images. It is an effective medium for conveying feelings, impressions, and emotions. By joining the power of ideas to the power of feelings, I can weave multiple metaphorical layers into my compositions. Which is why almost every one of my print and verse combinations in Hole in the Garden Wall expresses much more than what is revealed at first glance.


Below is a small sample of the book’s images and verses. 

Click on each photo to read its verse.

Hole in the Garden Wall
I am the seeker.
I will find the hole
in your garden wall
and set you free.
Joshua Rocks
The search for self-worth begins by finding what is indestructible within, then letting it be.
Kissing Bears
Teaching someone to French kiss can be so tedious.
The Schoolhouse
The trick to formal education is to not let it interfere with learning.
Through A Child's Eyes
All children are born color-blind, blessed with the promise of perfect vision. It is the one condition of childhood I wish more parents would copy, not cure.
Fireweed & Fog
Knowledge is not a flower to be plucked but a mountain to be climbed.
Band Man
Some people take life too seriously and play nots seriously enough.
Birth of Acabar
I dedicate my life to those too gentle to live among wolves.
Blind Stairs
Some men go blind staring into darkness;
some from staring into
the light.
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