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   The First Line of Defense Against Domestic Violence

Who Is KohlQuest?


For nearly half a century, KohlQuest has been making groundbreaking achievements in the worlds of verbal abuse advocacy, education, conflict dynamics, and interpersonal communication, demonstrating again and again that changing one's perspective can truly change the world.

KohlQuest has been a quiet warrior in the fight to reduce incidents of verbal and physical abuse by its singular focus on the poisonous seed at the root of most domestic violence situations---verbal abuse, the front of the pipeline that too often tragically ends in physical violence. Its classes and workshops have helped individuals identify and change existing habits, attitudes, or perceptions that foster domestic violence, then provided simple but powerful tools for building stronger, more resilient relationships grounded in genuine dialogue and respect for another's dignity and authenticity.

KohlQuest's founder is the author and inspiration behind Hole in the Garden Wall, a photographic diary that became a classic among thousands of readers who resonated with her journey to find the life she was born to live. The cards, verses, and photographs from that book are hallmarks of her enduring "Think Bravely, Feel Deeply" signature and have been exhibited and collected all over the world.

Her latest publication, The Dragonslayers Handbook, is the flagship for a massive public  call to action on how we all have a part to play in reducing the incidents of domestic violence, starting with tools to build more resilient relationships that both address and acknowledge the dignity and individuality of those we interface with every day.

So who is KohlQuest?


KohlQuest is Prudence Kohl ... the visionary, author, photographer, and teacher ... and all those who have shared their wisdom, stories, laughter, and tears as teachers and students, customers and clients, organizers and guest speakers in the workshops, retreats, classes, and consulting KohlQuest offers.


Anyone hungry to rise above the prejudice of closed minds and reclaim an innate strength within themselves that, once found, can never again be silenced or denied will find a welcoming place at KohlQuest.

Come along and discover all that KohlQuest offers by clicking on the images below.

Verbal Abuse Static
Verbal Abuse Reveals
Verbal Abuse Wounds
Verbal Abuse Truth
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